Which Cycling Glasses are Suitable for Corrective Lenses?

Prescription cycling glasses. Great, but which cycling glasses are actually suitable for corrective lenses? Our customer service team is frequently asked this question, and we’ve got to admit that we’re not always entirely sure of all the possibilities of each and every set of glasses. In order to provide you with a little more clarity on which glasses are suitable for riders who wear glasses, we’ve done this extensive write-up on the subject, even listing the cycling glasses which can actually be corrected by your optometrist.

Firstly, there’s a difference between “reader” cycling glasses and glasses to correct your vision. Reader glasses have a small section located at the bottom of the lens to aid your reading.

The reader cycling glasses help you see the text and signs on the screen of your cycling computer. The rest of the lens isn’t corrective. This makes them particularly suitable for cyclists who struggle a little with small print but who are fine otherwise.

Een Adidas Fietsbril met insert.

Which cycling glasses are suitable as prescription glasses?

Besides these two glasses, there are cycling glasses which are intended for cyclists who can’t take to the bike safely without their glasses or lenses. Below are a number of cycling glasses which meet that need.

BBB Cycling Impress Reader

These cycling glasses have a conveniently placed reader section at the bottom of the lens. You have a choice in the corrective factor, offering +1.5, +2, or +2.5. The glasses look sleek in their black guise and come with an extra set of transparent lenses. This extra set of lenses means you’ll be able to head out no matter what the weather, so no more excuses not to ride in the rain.

Adidas A731 & A779 Optical Insert

Adidas has two different optical inserts available. They aren’t cycling glasses, but just inserts which can be placed into your existing Adidas cycling glasses.

Oakley prescription cycling glasses

Good news for Oakley fans among us. The Oakley lenses can be cut to a specific correctional factor at your optician. This is possible for all Oakley lenses, with the exception of the Oakley EV Zero collection.

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