New Year, New You: Zenni Optical and EyeBuyDirect

It’s already the end of November…. Where did 2018 go? It’s crazy to think that in just about 6 weeks we’ll be ringing in yet another new year. So, how is it that the saying goes? New Year, New Me?


Here’s one way to create a “new you,” without really changing you, or breaking the bank: Zenni Optical and EyeBuyDirect!


If you’re like me, you have a love/hate relationship with your glasses and contacts, but they also help define you as a person. So why not find something that allows you to be true to yourself?


For me, I do highly prefer my contacts, but there are just some days where they don’t agree with my eyes or I don’t have the time, or patience, to deal with them. I want to have stylish glasses as a backup. Fashion, that’s one of my strong suits, but not in the eye wear realm.  I learned a few months back that the glasses I loved, and paid a decent amount for, are COMPLETELY wrong for my face shape!


This was embarrassing to me because I take pride in knowing what does, or doesn’t, work for me. Now that I know, I’m on the hunt for a new pair of glasses that help “redefine” me.


Zenni and EyeBuyDirect are offering some great styles to help dress you up for the holidays, and at an awesome price, too! This is a great place to start.  Believe it or not, there is a quiz for you to take if, like me, you want to make sure the size and style of frames you get work with your face shape and all that jazz.


Don’t need a prescription lens? No problem! You can simply buy the frames, although personally, I don’t think I would willingly wear glasses if I didn’t have to (I’m blind as a bat if I go without my contacts and my glasses).


Do you work on a computer or some form of screen all day? There’s a lens for that too! Blue Blocking lenses are becoming more prevalent in the world because of how obsessed we are with technology in this way or that. These lenses help alleviate some of the stress your screens put on your eyes, although the best way to alleviate that is to just take a screen-break, if you can!


Are you one of the lucky ones who live where it’s warm and sunny year-round and just need a really great pair of sunglasses, prescription or not? They have those, too!


With all the available options, you’re bound to find something on either Zenni or EyeBuyDirect that helps you prep for the new year and create a “new you!”

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