My New Blue-Blocking Lenses and How They Work

I just received my Zenni Optical glasses… and they’re amazing. I ordered a non-prescription lens; namely because I needed the world’s greatest invention in eyeglass wear: Blue Blockers.

I spend my whole day glued to a screen of some kind, but my eyes, oh my eyes cannot take it at all. They start to hurt and strain and then I really don’t want to do work anymore, but I have to. These lenses are honestly a life saver. If you don’t have a pair but spend most of your day in front of a screen like me, I would highly recommend the investment.

Since getting these glasses and wearing them while working on the computer, my eyes feel fresh and new. I no longer see spots from staring at a screen, and my eyes don’t feel nearly as strained as they usually did.


It took me a while to order them, and I really wish that I would have gotten them earlier. I was debating on this: “do I really need these? Will they really make that big a difference?” The answer? ABSOLUTELY. I no longer dread doing my work because I don’t want to deal with the eye strain and pain that comes along with it because it’s nonexistent anymore.

I wore these glasses to a business meeting and had my colleague very confused because she knew I wore contacts and was wondering why I still put glasses on.  I shared with her what I knew about these lenses, and I kid you not when I tell you she said, “where have these been all my life.”


I seem to receive different responses from different people on the true effectiveness of these lenses. A few people who have tried them say the main difference they noticed said that it seems to magnify things. I tried to see this difference, but I did not. It may be that kind of thing, some people see it differently than others, but who knows what the true verdict is. You would have to have a lot of people try them out and see what the most common response is

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love them, and they really seem to make a difference for me; however, I sat down to do work without them a few days ago, and I couldn’t do it. I got an almost instantaneous headache without them. Now was this just merely coincidence? I haven’t a clue, but I know that the type of headache I got was one I do not want to repeat.

It’s something I’ll probably revisit the situation later, but I can say that while wearing them, my eyes feel better than when not.

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