5 Tips for Choosing The Right Frames for Children

Studies show that most of what kids learn is processed through their eyes. So, if your little ones need prescription eyeglasses to achieve perfect vision, it is important that you help them pick out a pair that comes in the right frames.

Do you recognise some of these problems that kids with ill-fitted frames face?

– Frames that keep sliding down the nose bridge, which requires them to reposition it by pushing it up repeatedly.

– Frames that tend to slant down after physical activity causing distorted vision

– Frames that go out of shape after being constantly pulled off with 1 hand

– Rough-handling which causes frame to tilt off-position

When used in the long run, ill-fitted frames cause eye-strain and headaches, which will affect your child’s vision. Here are some tips to help you choose the right eyeglasses for your child.

1. Choose the right material

When considering the material for your kid’s eyeglass frames, go for ones that are lightweight and stable so that your kids feel comfortable when wearing their eyeglasses. Frames that are made with acetate and constructed with a stainless steel bar is a good choice to start with – as this combination provide stability when worn for long periods of time.

2. The right accessories is everything

As most kids are not ready for adult style temples that help to keep the eyeglasses from sliding down their nose, it may be a good idea to consider accessories that can help keep the eyeglasses in place. Ear hooks are beneficial for active kids who spend a lot of time playing outdoors, as these additional attachment help to keep frames in place while your kids are on the move. You can also opt for a head band which connects both ends of the temples to secure the eyeglasses. Head bands are typically worn at the back of your child’s head.

3. Springy options

Spring hinges allow eyeglass temples to flex outward, away from the frames without breaking. This in itself is perfect for active kids, especially those who play sports.

Typically used in place of screws, spring hinges provide a secure springy effect which prevents the eyeglasses from falling apart. In the long run, they help you save on expensive repairs and frequent trips to the optician to get your child’s glasses adjusted. Spring hinges are also recommended if your child has a tendency to fall asleep wearing their glasses.

4. Comfort is key

Some kids may not feel comfortable wearing their eyeglasses due to the discomfort on the nose bridge, ears, and the weight of the eyewear. Thus, choosing a lightweight pair of frames is definitely a key tip when it comes to your child’s eyeglasses. This will go a long way in helping to make it easier for them to wear their eyeglasses for long periods of time on a daily basis.

5. Let kids choose their frames

Some kids may refuse to wear their glasses, as they may be worried about being called ‘four-eyed’ or ‘nerdy’ by their friends. Parents can encourage and boost their kids’ confidence by letting them pick out their own frames (ones that look fashionable enough in their eyes).

Give them a few brand options to choose from, including the Eyelet Junior eyewear range. Specially designed for kids, these frames boast a range of kid-friendly features such as having a stable grip on your child’s face, as well as being flexible, durable and comfortable when worn for long periods of time.

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