5 Common Myths About Contact Lens Explained

Contact lenses are one of the most convenient ways of correcting your vision. Unfortunately, many patients still hold a negative view towards contacts and some are even afraid of trying them. We’re certain that you will enjoy wearing contact lenses but we want you to be sure too. Here is the truth behind 5 of the most common contact lens myths:

I’ll never be able to put a contact lens in my eye – while it’s true that it takes some practice to get used to contact lenses, it won’t take long to get the hang of it.

Contact lenses require too much maintenance – contrary to popular belief, contact lenses are extremely easy to take care of. At Market Mall Optometry, we provide a one bottle contact lens care system that makes cleaning and disinfecting your lenses a breeze. Alternatively, you could opt out of contact lens cleaning altogether by choosing daily disposables or 30-day extended wear contact lenses. Our eye doctors can help you make the most suitable choice during your eye exam.

Children can’t wear contact lenses – there is no ‘official’ age you can start wearing contact lenses. It mostly depends on whether or not the optometrist believes the patient is mature and responsible enough to do so safely. During a contact lens fitting, our eye doctors can walk you through the contact lens process and help determine whether or not your child is old enough to begin wearing lenses.

Contact lenses can cause eye problems – it is true that wearing contact lenses may increase your risk of developing certain eye problems. However, if you follow the clean & care instructions given by your optometrist during the eye exam, wearing contact lenses is extremely safe. Just remember to follow the replacement schedule recommended by the optometrist during the contact lens fitting!

My Prescription is Too Weird For Contact Lenses  – almost all glasses wearers can use contact lenses. At Market Mall Optometry, we offer a wide range of contact lenses including varifocal and bifocal lenses. So whatever prescription is determined during your eye exam, there’s most certainly a contact lens for you!

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