3 Tips for Choosing Sports Eyewear

You like sports? You practice quite often? Then you have certainly realized that the practice of your favorite sport require special glasses, tailored to the specificities of the sport: impact resistance, light weight, resistance to water, sunscreen, etc.

To help the athletes of you to choose efficient eyeglasses or sunglasses, we will devote in the coming weeks, 5 articles in this blog to different kinds of sports:

  • The outdoor sports and outdoor (roller skating, horseback riding, biking, cross …) ,
  • The water sports (swimming pool, sea)
  • The sports (including collective) that are practiced indoors ,
  • The accuracy of sports (golf, shooting, fishing …)
  • and finally the mountain sports (skiing, trekking, hiking, snowboarding …) .

Here are some tips to make your eyeglasses adapted to the practice of your sport.

The common sports played indoors

Sports like badminton, squash, indoor tennis, hockey, athletics, basketball, handball, ball, etc. can be enjoyed indoors, so under artificial light. It is important to choose proper sunglasses for active leisure time. There is also the glasses specially designed to fight against the evils of artificial light ( more on the consequences of artificial light on the view). Curved glasses, or with side protection shell, can be very helpful. In the case of volleyball, you will additionally need to maintain a good field of vision up: think of it by choosing your glasses frame!

Protection from fogging

Obviously, indoors, you may be faced with the problem of fogging , often due to the heat in the room and perspiration. To avoid the “steam” effect on your glasses , and to maintain optimal vision despite splashing water or temperatures can cause fogging, I advise you equipped models:

  • of front ventilation systems, lateral, Full Venting (total airflow)
  • or even of adjustable ventilation “on-off”,
  • of treated glass demister,
  • or hydrophobic lenses (that facilitate the rapid evacuation of the drops and prevent traces of fat to join).

Protection from bumps and drops

Finally, team sports can be sources of shocks from falls or sometimes blows. This is why you invest robust glasses, impact resistant and will remain well in case of fall, for example a plastic with silicone damper on the nose and on the forehead, or a wide strap with quick adjustment. For adjusting the glasses, must in my opinion favoring corrective lenses in polycarbonate (you know that the excellent impact resistance of polycarbonate makes it a very suitable material for the manufacture of motorcycle helmets or shields from police?…).

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